The Land Rover Song
To the tune of the Irish folk song "Wild Rover".

Iíve owned a Land Rover for many a year
I use it to carry my whisky and beer
When we're on safari with Rovers galore
We all give three cheers for this great 4 x 4

And itís no, nay, never, no nay never no more
Will I sell my Land Rover, no never, no more

I bought a Toyota to go to South West
But wasnít convinced that it really was best
I tried a Suzuki but threw it away
ĎCos a Land Rovers better, so what do you say

My bearings are buggered, the swivel pins too
The steering it wobbles, my problems are few
The leaks from the gear box and diff are so slow
So I'll check all the levels when the damn thing wonít go

A Range Rovers faster, but uses more fuel
The people who drive them they look rather cool
Itís from the same stable but has better springs
But letís face it folks itís just not the real thing

A Forward Control doesnít look quite so nice
But they used to be had for a very good price
Some of us think they do have their charms!
Just take a good look at "The Old Charlton Arms"

At rallies the Shorties they always come first
But the drivers all seem to develop a thirst
Series Ones, Twos and Threes all have their own place
And now the One Tens are the first in the race

I bought an old Landy and stripped with care
A 2A from Solihull is really quite rare
But how to repair it I asked in the Pub
They said to apply to the Land Rover Club

The Landy Club members were quite a surprise
They all seemed to be such a nice bunch of guys
Itís thanks to them that I now know much more
About the Land Rover, that great 4 x 4 

While we are singing thereís one thing to say
Iím sure we're all loving our wonderful stay
Itís thanks to you all that I know so much more
About the Land Rover Ė that great  4 x 4

Note: This song was the work of Jake Pressly and Steve Shelly by all accounts and developed at an LROC of SA function in the then Eastern Transvaal,  some time back. The reference to the "Old Charlton Arms" is the nickname given to a member's FC that was so frequented as a pub that at one time members tried to get into the Guiness Book of Records by cramming as many people as possible in, each holding a beer!!.   The last couple of lines have been slightly adapted for local use

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